Home brewing is normally thought about to be just done with beer, but it is done with a variety of products, from beer, wine, sake, mead and cider.   The whole process is called fermentation.  Fermentation is the chemical process that takes  sugars and turns them into alcohol.  This has been done a variety of ways for thousands of years.  It is just much easier to do now.


Home brewing you own beer has many steps, you just need some homebrew supplies.  It involves cleaning every instrument you are going to use for making beer, to prevent contamination.  You then boil the ingredients for beer.  After the first set of ingredients boil, you then chill what is called the Wort now.


Once chilled to the correct temperature for the beer, you add the yeast.  Once all mixed up, you seal the container.  Now a chemical reaction (fermentation) occurs and the yeast eats the sugars in the wort, creating the basics for beer.  After sitting for a few weeks, and adding a little bit more sugar, you can start bottling.


The fermentation builds CO2 in the bottles, which carbonates the beer.  And after a few more weeks, you’ll have home made beer to drink!

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